Supporting the social-emotional wellbeing of infants and young children builds the foundation for a child’s future relationships, buffers against mental health challenges, and strengthens their capacity to learn and thrive as they grow. All of this happens in the context of their most important relationship; the relationship with their parent or caregiver. Babies are born with 30% of their brain developed, the rest happens within relationships. Babies and young children need relationships that provide a safe and reliable attachment, attuned and responsive care, emotional experiences that are integrated and regulated, and offer a warm presence that holds their experience in mind. These relationships provide the daily, consistent experiences that infants and young children need to develop these capacities within themselves.

Parent-Infant/Child Dyadic Therapy can be provided to support you and your child (birth to five) in:

Parenting in a way that feels true to yourself and your hopes for your child

Sleep difficulties

Difficulties in emotion regulation

Early relational concerns

Significant separation anxiety

Behavioral concerns such as biting or hitting

Any concerns that you have as a parent…you know your child best!