Providing support throughout pregnancy and early parenting.
Jen Perfetti, MA, LPC
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Individual Therapy

Luna Perinatal Counseling offers individual therapy for a wide range of issues that may arise during pregnancy, postpartum, or early parenting. We blend insight and relationship based therapy models to support women in discovering their own strengths, improving relationships, and developing self-care and coping strategies.
Issues typically addressed in individual therapy include:

  • Postpartum depression and anxiety
  • Depression and anxiety during pregnancy
  • Postpartum planning
  • Role/identity changes in becoming a mother
  • Issues related to one’s own experience of being parented
  • Work/family balance
  • Pregnancy loss
  • Mother-infant relationships and healthy attachment
  • Supporting infant and young children's emotional development
Couples Therapy

Many couples experience increased tension and difficulty connecting after becoming parents. In the first two years after having a baby, two thirds of couples report a decline in relationship satisfaction. Whether you are experiencing a resurfacing of long-held conflicts and issues, or a change in interactions as you adjust to a baby, this can be an important time to strengthen your relationship. The transition to parenthood is an excellent opportunity to make changes before they become long term patterns and to learn new ways of communicating and connecting that result in more satisfying relationships.

Postpartum Depression Therapy Group

The postpartum period can be a complex time characterized by a wide range of emotions. Women experiencing difficulties postpartum often report feeling anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted, tearful, and irritable. Postpartum depression is the number one complication of childbirth and affects 10-15% of women in the first year after the birth of a child. This treatment group offers an opportunity for women who are experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety to connect with others who are having similar feelings and experiences, to gain support in coping with these feelings, and to learn tools to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Often through support and connection we are able to approach mothering with revived energy. Whether you’re experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety, or are simply having a harder time emotionally than you expected, this group can be a supportive and helpful resource.


Bringing Baby Home™ Couples Workshop

Prepare yourself for life with your baby and discover how to be the best parenting team possible. In a relaxed and supportive environment with a certified facilitator, learn how to strengthen your relationship with your partner and foster your baby’s development during this new and challenging time in your life. The Bringing Baby Home™ Program is based on Dr. John Gottman’s 35 years of marriage and family research and is designed to help parents learn how to:

  • Stay connected with your partner
  • Strengthen your friendship, intimacy and conflict regulation skills
  • Understand your baby/toddler’s social-emotional development
  • Keep both parents involved
  • Create a caring and nurturing home

This national, research based program has been shown to result in high, stable relationship quality for couples, reduced postpartum mood disorders in both parents, reduced marital hostility and improved child outcomes. Further information can be found at

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