Edinburgh Postnatal Depression scale (EPDS)

The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression scale (EPDS; Cox, Holden, & Sagovsky, 1987) was developed to identify significant depressive symptoms among pregnant women and postpartum mothers. The EPDS is one of the mostly widely used screening tools, and I provide it here both for the purpose of self-screening and for providers who may be looking for a reliable screening tool for the women they work with.

Having a baby brings many changes and challenges, and it can sometimes be difficult to separate out what is an expectable part of pregnancy or the postpartum period and what might require additional support or treatment, such as depression or anxiety. This tool is intended as a screening to identify possible symptoms of depression and anxiety; it does not take the place of a thorough and professional diagnostic assessment.

If your total score on the EPDS is 10 or higher, this indicates possible perinatal depression. Please contact Jen Perfetti at 608-354-3238, or another mental health provider who has experience with perinatal depression, for a diagnostic assessment and to discuss what treatment options might be the best fit for your needs. If you indicated a 2 or a 3 on item #10, please tell a family member or friend, call 911 immediately, and take any other precautions necessary to ensure your safety.


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Postpartum Depression Screening Tool